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What is hypnotherapy?

Everyone has heard about hypnosis, but the image that is given in the medias tends to scare us, as if it was manipulative, intrusive, submissive... Actually, hypnotherapy is the opposite of that : it allows you to recreate a bound with yourself, to connect to your own inner resources and your potential, in terms of physical healing, psychological recovering, mind power, joy, creativity, wisdom and peace.

Hypnosis state is nothing like losing control. We are actually very conscious of what is happening, and free to decide what to do. Simply, it is a deep relaxation state that allows our brain to work in another frequency to facilitate an access to the subconscious. We are in a state of disassociation and hyper concentration. This means that we know we are there, lying on a bed, talking to a hypnotherapist, but we also want to go deeper, in another reality, in our inner reality, to find answers, solutions, resources, peace, and we reach there thanks to our will and concentration.