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Specialist in internal medicine / specialist in general medicine

Sports Medicine / Diving Medicine / Acupuncture / Hypnosis / Psychosomatics

In his treatment concepts school and complementary medical diagnostic and therapeutic procedures such as acupuncture, sports medicine and internal medicine are linked and tailored to the individual complaints and needs of the patient. Both conventional medical as well as gentle and holistic medical methods are used. To the repertoire of dr. Ezzeldin includes many types of pain therapy, including shockwave therapy, minimally invasive techniques (therapeutic local anesthesia). This makes it possible to comprehensively diagnose and effectively treat particularly complex and complex symptoms such as headaches or gastrointestinal complaints, neck, backache, facial pain and joint pain - such as elbow, knee and shoulder pain and nerve pain (for example polyneuropathy).

Specialist in gynecology / specialist in general medicine
Main focus: Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Samiera Ibrahim received her medical degree from Bonn Medical School and completed Internal Medicine residency training at affiliated Hospitals of the Bonn University. She then completed her second residency training in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Bonn University. She holds board certifications in both general medicine and obstetrics and gynecology.

Ms. Samiera Ibrahim, M.D., is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle and preventive care. Her focus on infertility conditions in women.

Dr. Ibrahim, M.D., therefore, on the evaluation and treatment of female pelvic floor disorders. She offers surgical and non-surgical treatments for pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence and related conditions. She provides a training program for gynecologists seeking further expertise in urogynecology and pelvic reconstructive surgery.

Main focus: Nutritional Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, TCM.

Doctor in further education to the specialist in general medicine. Ms. Nouri completed her medical studies in Bonn in 2016. As a Practical Doctor specializing in Chinese Medicine, Ms Nouri works in our practice. Her responsibilities include the diagnosis and treatment of all Chinese medical TCM diseases, nutritional counseling, acupuncture and moxibustion, and cupping.